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Your online reputation is the first aspect of your business that we can assist with. Without a great reputation all your other marketing is wasted. More than 80% of people look online to learn about a business, even if referred by word of mouth. Your online reputation is so critical to the success of any other marketing that we won’t carry out any other services until your online reputation is up to scratch.

At Profit Magic we’ve developed a unique system to turn your business into a 5 star business.

The 5 Steps to to a 5 Star Business system covers all aspects of your online reputation:

  • Monitor your reputation
  • Build your reputation
  • Market your reputation
  • Secure your reputation
  • Leverage your reputation

Other services we provide can be broadly placed in three categories:

  • Visibility: Can potential customers find you online? If they do, are you making it easy or hard for them to learn about you?
  • Credibility: If they can find you, do they have a positive impression?
  • Profitability: Are you maximising your conversion from prospect to customer, and from one-only customer to a long term relationship?


searchCan Potential Customers Find You?

  • are you online?
  • is your web site ranking highly when people search for your product or service?
  • are you making use of Google + Local and various review sites?
  • is your website easy to view on a mobile screen?

reputationWill Customers Want To Do Business With You?

We’ll help you build your online reputation. We provide simple to use tools that can not only get you great reviews online, but will also help reduce your negative reviews. Our proprietary 5 Steps to a 5 Star Business system does all that and much more. We’ll use the reviews you receive to build your search engine rankings and overall online visibility too. It all goes to building customer confidence.

1361473893_piggy_bankAre You Maximising the Value of Your Customers?

Depending on the nature of your business there are a number of methods to increase the profitability of each customer. We’ll consult with you and recommend the best systems and tools to turn your customers into long-time raving fans.

Global Trust in Advertising Survey

A Nielsen survey found that people mainly trust information from people they know (obvious probably), but that the SECOND most trusted source is online reviews from people they don’t even know. Online reviews are even more trusted than newspapers! You can see why you should be focusing your marketing efforts on your online reputation BEFORE worrying about most other forms of marketing.

People I know 92%
Editorial content such as newspaper articles 58%
Branded web sites 58%
Emails I signed up for 50%
Ads on TV 47%
Text ads on mobile phones 28%